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The Temple of Pegasus Alabaster/Milk Silk 135

This design is based around ancient Greek art, pottery, poetry and literature. It features a majestic, winged horse, representing Pegasus, the brave steed of Bellephoron, a character of ancient Greek myth. Pegasus bows in the centre of the design, shedding his golden bridle and proudly displaying an armband featuring the monstrous Chimera, while the horse’s pearlescent wings reach up elegantly to the corner of the design. Pegasus stands within a carved temple decorated in his honour; the pediment features equine carvings and the mantel and base of the temple hold dedicated stone inscriptions. The floor of the structure runs awash with fresh water, as happens wherever Pegasus strikes his hoof, and behind the temple, Mount Olympus, home of the gods, is in view. The central composition is flanked by four painted vases, each detailing the story of Pegasus: springing from the neck of the beheaded Medusa, his taming at the hands of Bellephoron with Athena’s golden bridle, victory over the heinous Chimera and the eventual fall of Bellephoron. The floral elements, hemlock and aconite, are both poisonous; a detail displaying the duality of the gods. The base of the design features a series of amphoras or vessels, each moulded in animal form, plus a central vase echoing the composition of the full scarf. The design is bordered by a motif of terracotta rosettes.

Composition: 100% Silk Twill. 135cm x 135cm.

Sale price$485.00
The Temple of Pegasus Alabaster/Milk Silk 135
The Temple of Pegasus Alabaster/Milk Silk 135 Sale price$485.00