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Honouring Argos Marine/Apricot Silk Twill 135

This design is based around ancient Greek art, pottery, poetry and literature. It features an elegant protagonist, representing Argos, the faithful and tragic dog of Odysseus in the Homeric epic, The Odyssey. The dog reclines in the centre of the design, draped in a swathed himation, wreaths of narcissi and a crown of beaten silver. Around his neck sits a terracotta collar, painted in the style of ancient Greek pottery vessels. Above the dog’s head appears a detailed terracotta plaque, detailing other famous dogs of Greek myth and legend. Surrounding the central image are borders featuring patterns and designs inspired by the vase painters of ancient Greece, who also inspired the composition of this design. Odysseus’ garden of Ithaca is invoked by the floral details within the design; from bluebells and snowdrops to hellebore and giant Fennel, these faunae were all revered by the Greek gods. At the base of the design sit a pair of terracotta rabbit vases, and a central terracotta flourish. The outer borders represent metal and alabaster plaques inspired by the Minoan Aegina Treasure.

Composition: 100% Silk Twill. 135cm x 135cm.

Sale price$485.00
Honouring Argos Marine/Apricot Silk Twill 135
Honouring Argos Marine/Apricot Silk Twill 135 Sale price$485.00